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The 1 Ball Handicap is a popular and popular Asian betting type in the soccer betting world. This type of bet appears in almost all major and small football tournaments. As long as you have a reputable bookmaker address, you can participate in this interesting betting bet at Jiliasia.

Information About 1 Ball Handicap

Information About 1 Ball Handicap

A simple understanding of how to participate in a 1 Ball Handicap is that the upper team will handicap the lower team by 1 goal. Every time you place a bet, the house will choose the strong team for the upper bet and the weaker team for the lower bet. As for which team you want to bet on, that’s your choice.

The symbol for this type of bet in the betting table is 1.0.

You should participate in the 1 Ball Handicap when you notice a clear difference in performance and strength from the two teams on the field. Looking at the strong team’s potential to score more goals than the weak team, this bet will definitely win.

To have a standard prediction for a one-shot bet, you should research all aspects such as potential, form, playing style… Or external factors such as home field advantage, fan advantage…

With this bet, you will only have the result of full win, full loss or draw, but there is no possibility of winning half or losing half. Therefore, you also need to consider before deciding to bet.

Popular Forms of 1 Ball Handicap

Those participating in the 1 Ball Handicap bet will have the following options for participating:

1 Ball Handicap for the entire match or handicap bet 1 for the first half.

Full-match handicap betting is when you bet on the final result of the match, which is the result determined as the official 90 minutes of play along with extra time and overtime. If you bet correctly, the winning team will receive a prize and if you bet wrongly, you will lose the entire bet.

For those of you who don’t want to wait long, you can bet on the first half. That means the win or loss of the bet will be determined within the first 45 minutes of the match. However, you should note that usually in the first half, teams will play less explosively and unexpectedly, but often upstream and scoring situations will appear in the second half of the match.

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You should place a handicap bet of 1 goal in the first half in the situation when the two teams have a clear difference in strength.

One of the forms that people like and choose when participating in betting is playing a 1 Ball handicap bet. This way of playing is that you will deposit money and bet while the ball is rolling on the field. This form of betting will be more certain and guaranteed, but the reward ratio will not be too high.

Sharing How to Make Standard 1 Ball Handicap for Brothers

Sharing How to Make Standard 1 Ball Handicap for Brothers

First, you need to understand the possibilities that can happen when making this bet. In the 1 goal handicap bet, there are only 3 possibilities:

If the upper team wins the lower team with a score difference of 2 or more, then you bet on the upper team will win and you bet on the lower team will lose.

If the results of the two teams are tied, the person who bet on the upper bet will lose money and the person who bet on the lower bet will win.

If the result is that the upper team wins the lower team by exactly 1 goal, the result is considered a tie, and whoever’s capital will be his or hers.

When participating in predicting the odds of a 1 Ball bet, you should refer to the information that the bookmaker has compiled about the developments of the most recent matches involving the participation of 2 teams. Performance in the last 3-5 matches will best reflect the playing style and scoring ability of both teams.

How to calculate the profit or loss of a 1 Ball bet for bettors.

Interest is calculated on the capital and the house’s payout rate. The money you collect will be capital and interest.

In case you lose your bet, the amount you bet will be completely lost.

Experiences in Participating in 1 Ball Handicap

With betting games in general and football betting in particular, mastering the theory, betting methods and betting rules is not enough. This can only help you get standard bets, but it is not guaranteed to win. To have accurate bets and a high winning rate, you should immediately pocket these notes.

Learning from previous players’ experiences is extremely important. Not only is it the experience of previous players, but you should also learn from your own experience when placing bets. From there, you will have unique betting experiences for yourself.

Next, you need to pay attention to the address to participate in betting, choosing a reputable house is extremely important. A reputable bookmaker will offer transparent bets, clear and neat reward payout transactions.

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Some standard experiences that experts have summarized for you to participate in 1 Ball handicap betting.

Firstly, if the match is a confrontation between the two top teams in the table, you should bet on the top team.

Second, if the match between two teams has a ranking of 4-6 places apart, then you should boldly bet on the upper team.

Please choose the underdog team in case the underdog team needs to stay in the rankings. Or if the underdog team has nearly the same ability as the upper team and has the added advantage of being at home, the possibility of the underdog team winning is also very high.

Important Notes When Participating in 1 Ball Handicap Betting

Important Notes When Participating in 1 Ball Handicap Betting

Just like when participating in any betting game, you need to pay attention to the following issues to bet correctly.

You should be clear about your finances, keep any money for betting separate and only use it within the allowable range. You should not bet too much because of your passion, leading to the situation of having to borrow money to bet.

You should also divide your capital into many different bets to both have more bets and be safer in betting. Do not pour all your capital into one bet, it will be extremely dangerous.

You should research before betting, don’t use too much emotion in betting. It is also necessary to have a witness when participating in a 1 goal handicap bet because the crowd is not always accurate.

If you are constantly losing bets, you should take time to rest to regain energy and not have the mentality of having to unwind to continue placing risky bets. Regaining your betting energy will help you have better quality bets.


The 1 Ball Handicap has been compiled with useful information as well as basic issues to understand when participating in the above article. Hope you bettors will have winning bets with this interesting bet. Wishing you guys lots of luck.

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